Huge concrete classroom walls – here’s what to do.

If you have a classroom in a newly built school you may find that your walls, although painted are simple breezeblock – totally faceless and quite cold looking.

So just how can you attack this problem and bring some colour and life to your classroom?

Paint the wall : if you have an understanding HT then you may be able to approach him / her and ask if you can paint some of the walls. Understandably they may want to know what colours before giving you the go- ahead – but let’s face it any amount of colour on a classroom full of beige walls has got to be an improvement!

If you have a really understanding HT then you may be able to paint designs on your wall – and depending on the age of your children you can then choose from any amount of pictures and designs.

Take a look at my article on wall fillers which was written with large display boards in mind but would be just as appropriate on a wall situation.

Primary Classroom display – board fillers



Tape up Fabric: Because you are dealing with breezeblocks its not very easy to knock in nails and drilling is the only option. However if you are simply wanting to add some colour onto a wall space then why not use double sided tape and stick some fabric onto the wall. Depending on your space you can use as little or as much as you like and theme it also. Its quick and easy and will be strong enough to hold pinned children’s work as well. Its a win / win remedy!


Permanent display boards: This is a great idea which adds colour to any wall whether you have display work up or not.

By laminating the coloured sheets and using a hot glue gun to attach the pegs you can have an instant display area which also makes it very easy to attach children’s work. The one in the picture has been placed on a display board for backing but with a bit of ingenuity I am sure it would work on a blank wall.

Add New display boards: an obvious choice but of course the more you add to break up the wall space the more you have to fill ! Make sure you have enough to display all sorts of work but don’t overdo it as it comes back to bite you !

Big interactive child friendly displays – these don’t need to be board mounted and can be changed quite easily and frequently. With these you are encouraging the children to be “hands on”  and get busy doing things. It could be moving things around, ordering or as in this example a times table challenge. The bigger the better – although do be sure you put them at the right height for your children.


Hanging stuff from the ceiling : Always great fun to do but depending on what you are hanging you will need to make the fittings secure. If you’re going for something exciting you may have to ask the caretaker to help by putting up some strong clips which you can leave up there even when you have finished a particular project. Be careful how low you hang things but otherwise be adventurous!



And finally – this looks like its going to be great….Magic Faraway Tree possibly?

Have fun !




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