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Hi and welcome to Primary practice  – here you can find the support you need to assist you both in your classroom practice and in your role within the  School

On looking through the site you will notice that we don’t include lesson content. Content is out there on the internet in bucket loads from publishers materials to lesson plans that anyone  could deliver – so we don’t!


What we offer are the support mechanisms that will enhance your classroom and your teaching  –  allowing you to be the most effective Teacher possible for your children.

How organised are you – how determined are you and how professional are you?

Now – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a NQT, a PGCE teacher or have been teaching for years, it doesn’t matter whether you are a class teacher , have a management role or are senior School management – there are always things that can catch you sideways and you think ”wow now what do I do?” or “why is this going wrong?” or maybe its just that you want to look at something to do with your personal organisation or your role in the school.


This site can help…the series of blogs written are grouped under context headings allowing you to find advice and guidance on a wide ranging series of issues that arise in schools whether it is in classroom management, school organisation or senior management issues – Dr Charles Watson gives you the support and mechanisms to address situations successfully, deal with problems as they arise or to plan ahead for successful project implementation – with over 30 years experience at all levels in Primary Education – you know that you will be getting experienced advice and support when and in whatever context you need it.

So keep smiling, believe in yourself and lets teach !


Early Careers Framework

Early Careers Framework

A brief summary… What is the Early Career Framework? The early career framework (ECF) was designed to make sure Early Career Teachers focus on learning the things that make the most difference in the classroom and their professional practice. ECF based training...

Online interviews 2 – what actually happens?

Online interviews 2 – what actually happens?

As I am sure you have realised; the effect of Covid is that the nature of teaching interviews has changed completely. However it is not just at the interview stage that this becomes apparent. The effect of lockdown means that there is now no opportunity to visit the...

Online interviews – Get yourself prepared!

Online interviews – Get yourself prepared!

It’s been about a year since Covid reared it’s head and affected the lives of everyone!Of course this not only affects our daily lives but also directly affects us in the context of job applications and interviews. It is no longer the case that on seeing a...


Your Guide through the “perils” of Primary School Teaching is

Dr Charles Watson.

With over 30 years experience at all levels of Primary Education he writes with purpose, directness and a much needed sense of humour.

Charles has spent his career exclusively in Primary Schools varying from small village schools to very large inner city establishments with multi level staff organisation. His writing reflects the situations he has encountered and the solutions found including do’s and don’ts based on the harsh realities of success and failure!

“Teaching is a multi skilled and multi layered career – it is most definitely NOT based on the delivery of material to classes full of enraptured children (if only that was the case!) – successful teachers like successful sportsmen and women and successful business leaders make the job look easy. But look closer and you will see the hard work and preparation and practice that has got them to this point.”

All teachers; just like all children, are individuals – Charles is here to help you develop your own style and approach and point you in the direction you want to go.



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Your ECT Induction – what can you expect?

A Primary Practice / NEU support article Your ECT Induction plunges you, as an Early Career teacher, into a world within which you may feel totally unprepared. Now this can, of course vary from individual to individual and does depend to some extent on the nature of...

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