Primary Classroom display – board fillers / wow displays

Board fillers and wow displays !

You’ve looked at your room and seen where the display boards are located and also the sizes – so now you have to decide what the purpose and focus for each board is to be.

In this article I am going to give you a brilliant tip on how to wow the class and really introduce or reinforce your topic… also works well on ANY size board. So if you have a huge board then this will help you out also……smiles all round really.


We were doing a whole school topic on superheroes and as you entered my classroom this was the huge display that you saw. It filled the board and was exactly like the above….complete with Spider-Man lettering at the bottom edge.

Now if you’re like me – in other words no great artist then this is for you….read on !

Here’s the secret in easy steps….

  1. Find the image that you want on the internet ( as this isn’t going anywhere except your classroom then in reality forget about copyright)
  2. Print it out on A4 paper….if its a small or too large image then you may need to mess about with it on a program such a Microsoft publisher to get it to a reasonable size – or you may wish to crop it to get rid of some aspects.
  3. Once you’re happy with the image now you can print it on A4 paper. Remember – if you are trying to fill a board that is wider than it is high then you really need your picture in Landscape form – and vice versa!
  4. Happy with your print….in colour also helps.
  5. Now here’s the trick bit…..Head for the photocopier room and find yourself a sheet of photocopiable overhead transparency film. What we are going to do is to transfer your A4 print onto the overhead transparency. (you may need to ask how this is done)
  6. So having successfully got your coloured print and now your overhead transparency your next job is to go and find the overhead projector.
  7. Your board at this point needs to be covered in whatever colour paper you wish….personally I would advise white as its easy to deal with and can be painted over simply.
  8. Plug in your overhead projector and put the transparency onto the lens and project onto the board/paper. To adjust size of the image you have to move the projector nearer to or away from the board. If you only want part of an image then just move the projector to where it shows on the paper just the bit you want and the size you want it.
  9. When the image is just how you want it then stop adjusting….focus the lens (your image will be in black and white…but don’t worry you have the coloured print you first printed off )
  10. Now go over the outlines and detail in pencil until you have traced the figures/shapes whatever you have…try and do this in 1 session (the tracing…not everything!) as it can be difficult to get the same position for the overhead next time)
  11. Go over the outlines with a thick felt pen and you are done…..colours and painting can be carried out later….and you have the original coloured print to refer to.
  12. Just as a final point…I used to do these after the children had gone home…usually took a couple of sessions to complete and paint….and no – for the real WOW ones either myself or the T.A used to paint.
  13. If you want lettering then do the same thing but crop the lettering you have found and turn into a transparency…display onto the wall board and move to make bigger or smaller.

RESULT….an absolutely amazing display that makes the Class and the children feel great and looks brilliant!!


As an example – in one of my classes we were looking at the art work of Lowry. Our big display was  part of a “Lowry background” and the children had then to design and draw “Lowry style” figures to go onto the display. We looked at drawing styles, proportion, colour and a host of other elements. The  finished display turned out great!

Give it a go…. Charles



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