Using the latest 2017 scaled scores for pupil tracking in Primary Schools

Well we have had 2 attempts now at the “new” form of pupil tests in Primary schools – so just how have they fared and how can we look at the figures?


The tests had their 1st attempt in 2016 following the introduction of the new curriculum. It is not my intention here to comment on the content and expectations of this new curriculum but regular readers will already know my thoughts!

The 1st set of tests was against this background and to say that they were not well received would be an understatement.

Once again we saw an increase in pressure on both children and teachers as they struggled to teach and understand the new levels set!

By also introducing a new system of scaled scores after sweeping aside the assessment procedures that had been in place for years, it produced a pass/fail result rather than reflecting achievement.

However, if we were to look closely at this we can see that the DFE had built into its new system a scaled score calculation. This, as quoted by the DFE themselves, allows them to balance the difficulty levels of tests across years and ensure a comparable and level playing field!

HOWEVER – it also allows the DFE to “manipulate” pass rates if deemed necessary for any reason!

So lets take a look at the pass rates for 2016 and 2017 and see if there have been any changes – because this will affect how we view and record our own tracking arrangements of pupils.

% scored to achieve pass level – set at 100 (scaled score)

Key Stage 1                                                        2016                                   2017

Maths                                                                  62%                                    60%      (-2%)

English Reading                                                 55%                                    62.5%   (+7.5%)

English Grammar                                              62.5%                                 60%      (-2.5%)


Key Stage 2                                                        2016                                     2017

Maths                                                                   54.5%                                    52%   (-2.5%)

English Reading                                                  42%                                       52%  (+10%)

English Grammar                                               61.5%                                   51.5%   (-10%)

In looking more closely at the pupil pass figures for each subject  (KS2) we can see how these have changed from 2016 – 2017.

Maths                                                                70%                                            75%

English Reading                                               66%                                            71%

English Grammar                                            72%                                            75%

It is interesting to note the changes made to scaled scores (2016 – 2017) and how these have affected the pass levels. Beyond this I make no further comment!

Using this data in our pupil tracking

I am going to refer to to last years article where we looked at a tracking system for pupils. The link is below.

There are 2 parts to this article but I will here, just link to the mechanics included in part 2. Part 1 can be found through the search bar.

A simple pupil tracking system for the new Primary curriculum (2)


In reading the above article the examples given were from the 2016 scaled score tables as published by the DFE. Naturally for your tracking this year we will be using the data as published for 2017. The link is below for KS2 and KS1 can be searched just as easily.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a simple system that tracks all of your pupils then this provides that for you. It links directly to the standards set by the DFE and is directly comparable. It is quick and easy to follow pupil progress and from this to identify any intervention action that may be necessary.

Should you wish to extend the “pass figures” into a marking scheme then the pass percentages can be simply translated.

As stated previously any copies of the tracking sheets can be obtained free by simply emailing me at:




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