Starting the Spring term in Primary schools

As one year ends so another begins – and as one term has finished so another looms large

The SPRING TERM lurches into view!

If you’ve reached this point and it’s a couple of days until the term starts then you will no doubt be feeling a little jaded! It happens to us all – I think its a combination of the Christmas celebrations, meeting friends and relatives and in short, just having a great time!

But resist as we might, the term is upon us and will require is, as teachers, to be planned and organised for the first day back!

Having said that – the first day back is usually a teacher training day which will probably have some form of training element built into it – does this ease us into the term any easier….in a word NO!

Are there any positives?

Well yes there are…quite a few actually!

  • Once the first day starts you will be immediately back into the swing of things…one things about teaching is that it is immersive – there is no opportunity to “ease back into work” as you would in other professions. Nope, the children will arrive and from then on it’s back to full steam ahead!
  • The Spring term is not the Autumn term…quite an obvious statement really. However in this term we are not starting with a new class and not having to establish all those rules and procedures which began the Autumn term – all should be in place. You may have to have a gentle reminder but they should be up and running right from the start.
  • You know your children – you have already spent 15 weeks with these children so you have a good idea of their abilities and weaknesses. Your seating plan should be working well and all your groups are in place making class organisation across the curriculum straight forward and understood!
  • This term is only 12 weeks…usually split 6/6 or 5/7 with a weeks holiday at half term…get ticking off those days!
  • For many areas of the curriculum you will be building on what was taught last term. This is most apparent in Maths and English but can also extend to other areas of the curriculum depending on the focus.

Are there any disadvantages?

Not particularly that can be stated resulting from the transition of Autumn to Spring terms – however there are some things to be aware of in starting a new term (not Autumn)

  • The children will be excited to be back so do make a little allowance for this at the start of the 1st day.
  • Everything you have taught last term will have been forgotten! Yes everything….well not quite. But it will pay to do a short “look back” to remind everyone about what has been covered previously and to get everyone “up to speed!”
  • The children will appear initially a little lethargic. Just expect this and then it won’t throw you too much. If you try to push too hard right from the start then you will be disappointed…my advice would be to keep things simple and in a sort of revision mode for the 1st morning and then raise your expectations slightly for the afternoon. By the 2nd day expect “back to normal!”

However… I realise that this term, the Spring term, might not be a continuation for all colleagues. Some may have moved schools following the Autumn term and perhaps some colleagues may have started a first post or even a long term supply role.

I am therefore going to place links in this article to my course on planning for a new term (although I do realise this will have been done – but it may clear up any difficulties or answer some questions) and also refer you to the NQT guide which outlines and explains all about organising a class and introducing aspects such as classroom and behaviour management strategies. The links to both are below and they are FREE if you are a member of the NEU

 NQT Guide  –

Planning –

In conclusion 

So here we are at the start of a new year 2020…and at the start of the Spring term in schools. Its a chance this term to build on strengths and also to work on any areas that may require improvement.

As usual, be well organised and have high but realistic expectations of both yourself and also the children in your class.

Enjoy the term and keep smiling


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