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The Role of Primary School Coordinator (part 2)

Lets start with a quick recap on where we are….

  • You’ve started your large ring bound file to put all your findings / information in and you have or haven’t found the old Coordinators file.
  • You have made a list of “teachers” resources on your subject…books, dvd’s posters etc
  • You have read and (hopefully!) understood what the National Curriculum is saying should be done / achieved.
  • And in consultation with the HT / DH you have found out by various means what the current “state of play” is in the school – good or bad it doesn’t matter !

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The Role of Primary School Coordinator (part 1)

Becoming a subject Coordinator or subject manager in Primary School is really the first occasion where your role within the school changes slightly.

Up to this point you will have been solely concentrating on your Class teacher position – now you are going to expand your horizons a little. But don’t worry – its not too hard!

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The 3 spaces you need to occupy as a Primary School Teacher

No matter where you are in your career path – Newly trained,  existing member of staff or even moving to a new school…you have to fill the spaces that you now find yourself in.

So what do I mean by this?….

Well there are 3 spaces that you will find in your school and you must have your own unique presence and interpretation of each – let me give you some more detail

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Now you see me – now you don’t. Why are New Primary Teachers leaving the job?



It’s a startling and worrying fact that approximately 55% of new teachers will quit the profession within the first year or 2 – that’s over ½ of new teachers saying “it’s not what I thought it would be” or “it’s not what I want”.

Wow a sobering thought – so why are new teachers quitting in such large numbers…to answer that we have to wind back a little and firstly look at why people are entering the Teaching profession in the first place?

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Your First Teaching Job


Congratulations on passing your teacher training and getting your first teaching job – we’re all very proud of you!

Now when the dust settles, the handshakes are finished and the drinks put away you can contemplate exactly what lies ahead….now that’s a sobering thought if ever there was one!

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